Displays 6 photographs

The amazing rotating photo cube is the latest way to display your favourite printed images, this incredible picture frame cube slowly rotates continuously when sitting on any flat surface. Simply cut your images to size and fit under the clear plastic sheets on each of the 6 sides of the cube. The cube requires only 1x AA battery (not included) and will rotate quite literally for months (depending on the quality of the battery ) rechargeable batteries can also be used for a more green approach. The rotating photo cube is totally self contained and has no messy wires, just stand the cube on it's flat corner and watch it magically rotate. Makes a unique gift for just about anyone as it can be used for family photographs, Pop & Film stars, Corporate logos and product promotion or even use metallic paper as an ultra modern moving sculpture. Cube must be sitting on a totally even flat surface like a shelve or table top.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 30 July 2014 07:01